Love Your Neighbor: Carrington Placemats

We are inviting you to Love Your Neighbor! One outreach of many that we can do for our residents at Carrington. 

Placemats for Carrington

Create, Design, Draw, Print, Season Themed, Verses, Comics, Quizlets, or whatever inspires you to put a smile on a Carrington resident. No age limit to participate and no limit on how many you want to create. 
There is a need of over 50 placemats!
  • Drop off your 8.5″ x 11″ (the size of a sheet of paper) project(s) to the church office by 10/30/2020 so it can be laminated. 
  • Please sign your name on the project.
  • Click Carrington Placemats for an example to get your creative juices flowing!